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Setting Proper Recording Levels

An essential part of producing quality recordings is understanding proper recording levels. Since most modern day studio setups function in the digital domain it’s especially important to understand how bit depth and dynamic range relate to give you higher quality recordings. Find out what appropriate recording levels are and why you should be practicing them in your current and future projects.

Should Artists Record Albums Anymore?

As a music artist in today’s ever changing world of digital downloads the question just keeps coming up over and over again, should an artist release a full album or just focus on singles and relentless promotion on the social media sites? Does the “average” person really listen to an album all the way through or is today’s iPod driven culture changing the way people perceive music? As an artist regardless of genre this is a very important question that each artist must figure out if they are going to maximize their careers.

Creating a Network for Musicians

For an artist marketing their music is secondary to the creation. With the advent of the internet, a good product is not enough to take a great artist to the top. What makes an artist sell their music, you might ask.

Pump Up Your Party With a Skilled DJ

When you have a party, after the food, the drinks, the theme and the venue, you think about entertainment. DJ’s can help with that area as they provide you with the music and entertainment that will surely make your party or occasion the talk of the town for weeks to come. As a party host, one will consider that the guest should have fun.

Curepe and the First Steel Pan

Stepping forward to claim the title of inventor of the steel pan is Lloyd Valentine Williams, a Curepe born man who claims that he was the first to fashion the ping-pong as a child who was only trying to create a toy to play with. Many tales have cropped up regarding who invented the now famed instrument; some have been fantastic while others possess a mythical feel but none approaches the authenticity of Williams. This article is only a stepping stone to the valuable data held by Lloyd Valentine Williams concerning the 20th century’s only invented instrument.

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