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The 360 Record Label Deal – Bane Or Boon for the Independent Music Artist?

There’s an old saying: “There is really nothing new under the sun.” That certainly rings true to me when I think of the 360 degree deal. In its purist form, this relatively “new” breed of record deal is basically the reincarnation, cloaked in contemporary guise, of an old and rather notorious entertainment industry modus operandi that permeated the film industry in its earlier years.

Music Distribution Online: Digital Music Distribution Companies

In this article I want to talk to you about music distribution online and answer a few of the questions that come up when a band or musician is first thinking about getting their tracks out to the world. First of all well done! You are being very clever going digital because real CDs are dead for smart musicians who know that the money is better spent of advertising and marketing.

Dealing With Music Piracy in the Digital Age

I just read an intriguing news story out of Europe, where France is about to initiate a strategy to combat illegal downloading by partially subsidizing a music subscription download card for 18 to 25 year olds. This got me thinking again about the whole issue of piracy in the digital sphere. In the music industry there are two opposite camps when it comes to the matter of unpaid access to music.

Audio Production Schools – Recording Hits

With people learning many years is usually a prerequisite for a fine job; there are many options in the art of audio production. With a myriad career options on audio production, it can be a great option to opt for a degree and enjoy its sweet rewards.

Promote You Own Music, Band

Promoting your own music can be a difficult and expensive process. Where do you even start? Copyrights, submitting your band’s music to distributors? Sure you can sell CDs from the back of your car but that’s a long shot. Whether you’re looking for fame, fortune, just to share your art with other people, or any combination of things.

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