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How to Set Up a Home Recording Studio

First things first, you must have recording experience before committing to building an in-home recording studio to get the best return on your investment and ensuring a growth of profit in future years. There are three key items you need to have to become successful in the music recording industry: having the right experience, having the right equipment, and knowing the right people.

The Role of The Music Producer

The role of the music producer has changed over the years. This article summarizes the different roles and duties of a music producer in today’s music industry.

The Pros and Cons of Using an Online CD Duplication Service in Today’s Music Industry

For an emerging singer, DJ, or band obtaining a ‘buzz’ about their work is hard to achieve. Besides all of the obvious talent necessary to get fans, you also need product to be distributed. There are two sides of music distribution these days, those are digital and physical. Online downloads would be considered the digital distribution and records, tapes, and CD’s would be considered the physical aspect of distribution. The digital side of promotion is very important, yet I feel so many people forget about the need for physical distribution.

The Digital DJ Revolution Is Upon Us!

If you are new DJ or just preparing to invest a substantial amount of money into DJ equipment, you maybe wondering if you should ante up the substantial cash it takes to invest in a pair of CD players or Technics turntables, or go the route that so many are taking right now and invest in a good digital setup, which can be substantially less expensive. If you choose to go the digital route, and forgo learning to play on the “traditional” platforms, you may then find yourself asking if you can really call yourself a “real” DJ. While I am amongst many who believe that the best DJs learn to play from all platforms, I strongly believe that there is absolutely nothing wrong with going the digital route exclusively, meaning a laptop with or without a controller.

Insurance for DJ’s and Mobile Entertainers

The National Association of Mobile Entertainers ( NAME) provides everything from DJ Education, DJ Insurance to DJ Certification. Like N.A.M.E. above, the American DJ Association (ADJA), aims to aid the success of its members through unity, education, information and building relationships.

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