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Label Maker: Must-Have for an Independent Record Label

Musicians today have found a different outlet to release their music. Instead of hoping to get signed to a major label, a lot of contemporary musicians circulate their albums through an independent record label. So what exactly is an independent record label and how different is it from a major record label? An independent label unlike the majors operates in the spirit of do-it-yourself ethics and makeshift approach in both distribution and promotion.

Music Label Contacts and How to Use Them To Get Signed

Using your music label contacts to get signed with a good record label is not an easy task, and it takes a lot of daily effort and talent to impress a company enough to give you money. Below you will find a link to a massive list of music label contacts but first I want to give you some tips you can use to impress them.

How To Copy Write Your Songs

There are different types of copy writing, such as the arts, music, books, poetry, etc. since there are so many musicians that are doing their own recordings many ask if they can copy write the whole CD, with many original songs on it. Yes you can but it is not really advisable. It is not cheap to register your music, so they are trying to save some money.

Make Your Music With a Beat Making Software

Do you have a passion for music? A passion for hot peppy fast beats that can make your heart go BAM BAM? Rap and Hip hop are the kind of music that defines the new generation.

The Richest People in Music

The music industry may be hurting from illegal downloads but the industry’s most influential and powerful are certainly not concerned about their bank balance. They are still raking it in from record sales, performances and royalties.

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