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Two Major Ingredients Recording Artists Lack

Many people enter the music business purely on the basis of their desire to exhibit their GOD given talent. Some enter the industry for fame, some for the glamour, but in reality many make mistakes that shorten their would-be careers.

What NOT To Include In Your First Music Video

Music videos are fast becoming a must for music releases. We are quite thankful to the technological advancements that have made it possible for us to be able to afford the needed equipment to create ‘broadcast’ quality videos. For many in the music business, the presence of sites like YouTube are a GOD send because now everyone can put up their own videos and direct their fans to it!

What’s It Like To Be A DJ During A Gig?

Do you think you could be DJ? This article will point out some of the basic elements of this job that will make you realise just how tricky it really is.

Does Your Rock Band Need A Manager?

Have you ever thought about getting someone to manage your band? This article will give you a few ideas of how they can make a real difference.

Pro Audio Tools – How Much Do They Really Cost?

When someone says “pro audio tools” what they really mean is equipment that is used at a professional level to create and/or produce top-notch audio recordings. That prefix pro conjures up images of high-end recording gear such as microphones costing thousands of dollars, gleaming mic preamplifiers and other expensive recording gear you’d find in a big commercial recording studio. But we should challenge the automatic assumption that the word “professional” is synonymous with the term “expensive.”

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