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How To Get a Cruise Ship Gig For a Musician

For many musicians who are graduating from college, or professionals struggling in the current music landscape, the hope of finding a full-time gig can be daunting. With opportunities in arts organizations and production companies limited these days, the path of a professional musician can be an uphill battle. But before you apply for a job at your local Starbucks, please consider something different: audition for a gig on a cruise ship.

Website 101 for Musicians: Hire Someone or DIY?

Should musicians handle their own website construction and post construction editing? Well in my professional opinion..

How To Make an Effective Promotional Package for a Cover Band

In today’s entertainment industry, there is only one way for a cover band or solo entertainer to get hired: a Video Promotional Package. With the ubiquity of the internet, it is an absolute must for getting booked.

Online Mastering, Extreme Techniques Discussed

When a mastering engineer performs mastering on a stereo music track he will normally be making small tweaks to the sound. Mastering has some limitations due to the nature of working with a stereo 2 track L/R mix. The mastering engineer does not have the advantage that a mix engineer does by being able to manipulate the multitrack recording. This is widely understood in the professional music industry. As such the scope of the mastering engineer would normally be to effect small adjustments within the music.

Mastering Dubstep – Bass Weight Insights

Dubstep is a fairly new electronic music form that is sweeping the globe with it’s downright dirty basslines. The culture of dubstep is broad and the clubbers seem to love the pounding bass that the worlds sound systems are playing out each weekend. This article explains a little more about dubstep and touches on the mastering techniques and considerations for the genre.

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