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Recording Project Do’s and Don’ts – Part 1

Off to the studio to put down those great original songs of yours? You might be thankful you read the following. Problems arise with things that fall into gray areas or through the cracks or with relationships that are created without clear understandings, and they most commonly only rear their ugly heads after a project or relationship is well under way, often once serious money is beginning to be made. Take the recording project, for example.

The New-Age Studio Audio Equipment

In places where high quality sound is an absolute necessity, such as radio or television broadcasting studios, expert and reliable studio audio equipment is vital. As the technological age storms forward with the production on newer and more innovative studio audio equipment, and software to boot, it is becoming increasingly important for the audio engineer to be acquainted with the latest in audio hardware synchronization tools.

What To Do Before You Go Into The Studio To Record Your Indy Album Project

When it comes to recording an album project where you’re the artist, you’ve got a lot of big decisions to make that will ultimately influence the way your project sounds. In other words, the more you do to prepare yourself before the record light comes on, the more enjoyable the process and the product will be.

How to Write Song Lyrics

Knowing how to write song lyrics is essential for a good composition. Writing lyrics is a very creative process and one has to dig deep within himself in order to come up with something good. A good songwriter notices each and everything happening around him and questions how that makes him feel.

Writing Song Lyrics

Writing song lyrics certainly gives you the power to potentially change the world. Whenever you hear lyrics that you can relate to, it immediately transforms you and alters your world. Just by listening carefully to many songs, you can learn all there is to know about writing song lyrics.

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