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How to Get Signed to a Major Record Label

Getting signed to a major record label is not as difficult as many people think. However, it is important to pursue this goal with caution as few major label artists ever experience long-term success in the music industry. The best way to secure this type of contract is to build your own audience and niche in the industry. This article covers practical tips for pursuing major label attention.

How to Get a Record Label to Accept Your Unsolicited Demo

With so many bands out there competing for the attention of record labels, it can be hard to stand out and get noticed. Few labels accept unsolicited demos from unfamiliar bands. To increase your chances of attracting a label’s attention, the following text includes tips for creating relationships with labels.

Preparing Your Score for Session Recording

Thankfully, despite the crippling budgets and restrictions of the modern media scoring climate, some composers still get the amazing privilege of working with a live orchestra to record their work. While the excitement and transcendental sound makes it completely worthwhile, the process also adds some steps to your workflow.

Music Sales – “Make More Money”

How To Increase Your Sales Whether you call it D2C (Direct To Customer) or D2F (Direct To Fans) the changes in the music business necessitates the delivery of your product directly to the consumer in order to maximise your potential music sales. To the average musician/artist/label, the phrase ‘Customer Service’ belongs to the likes of McDonalds, Virgin Media, major airlines and the like. They couldn’t be further from the truth.

My Band Is Great But We Need Gigs Man

Kudos to you! You have a band. You have been working hard and you are ready to take your band on the road. It is time to play some gigs. How do you get gigs?

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