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Sukhwinder Singh: The Singing Legend

Born and brought up in Amritsar, Punjab, the renowned Bollywood playback singer, Sukhwinder Singh, rose to international fame with this song “Jai Ho” from the film ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ in the year 2008. Also popularly known as Sukhi amongst his admirers, the singing sensation has not only limited his talent to singing, but has also achieved success as a music composer, director & lyricist, and lately as an actor. Although he was aspired to become a sportsperson from his early childhood, singing happened to him by chance.

The Need for Music Recommendation Systems

The music industry’s digitization has given listeners access to millions of musical items they were previously unfamiliar with. The overwhelming amount of choice has rendered the music discovery and consumption processes difficult.

The Impact of Music on Advertising

Music has been used in advertising from the 1800s when street vendors used songs and jingles to sell their wares. This close relationship continues to the present day with music used in radio, television, film advertisements and digital media.

Business Intelligence in the Music Industry

The wave of digitization, marked by the widespread appeal of the internet, has had a significant impact upon the way the music industry functions, from how music is marketed and promoted, to how a release can be distributed and experienced by a target audience. While in the past, the music industry would be closely influenced by gatekeepers of influence in the entertainment, media and communications industries, the development of social networking has introduced a broader, more anonymous sphere of influence, that can affect music audiences.

How to Use Beats For Rapping to Express Your One Of A Kind Creative Flow

Wait! Learn how to use beats for rapping like the masters of hip pop. If you want to learn how to use beats for rapping like the masters of hip pop, you can start by doing the things which the masters have done to get where they are and to stay there.

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