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Stem Mastering, An Explanation

As well as stereo 2 track stereo mastering there is an alternative technique called stem mastering. Stem mastering uses stereo files of groups of instruments. This allows extra flexibility in the mastering process. This short article explains how and when such a mastering technique would be used and gives an insight to it’s advantages over 2 track stereo mastering.

Top Secret of How to Revive BOSS PSM-5 Power Supply and Master Switch

Before you decide to discard your guitar sound effects power supply, you would better read this experience. Hopefully it is useful to you too.

Recording, Mixing and Mastering

There are 3 main stages to an audio production. Recording is where the raw music tracks are layed down to tape or a digital recorder. The mix stage, where the tracks are blended together for a pleasing balance. Then there is mastering which is the final tweaks and adjustments to the stereo 2 track mixes to ensure the music translates to all the various systems it will be reproduced on.

How to Organize Your Music Business: Simple Steps For Getting Started

With the Internet playing such an important part in our lives, it is only right for musicians and other businesspeople to look at it as a way of promoting and organizing their business. Here are some ways in which you can organize your business online. What was considered just a hobby a decade ago is one of the most lucrative professions today – if the person has the right talent and expertise. Whether it is painting, singing or playing a musical instrument, people are surely making it into a rip roaring business.

Audio Mastering, Insights Into A Mastering Engineer’s Decisions

Have you ever wondered how a mastering engineer decides how to adjust a piece of music? With a great equipment inventory and a lot of prior engineering experience a mastering engineer can swiftly enhance and improve your music mixes before they are released. This synergy of great equipment and skill can ensure the music is sounding as good as possible and ensure listeners hear the best sounds on their reproduction equipment.

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