Scorpions, Led Zeppelin, Bon Jovi, U2, Aerosmith, U2 — Best Slow Rock Rock Ballads 70′ 80′ 90′

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Art Collectors Are Not “Artists”

Even in the world of Music, musical instruments, guitars and guitar players, there are those who are “Artists”, who through Music are trying to communicate their creativity, and then there are “Art Collectors” who are people who call themselves a “guitarist” or an “artist” but who buy and collect guitars essentially as ornaments in their own “private museum.” “Art collectors” are not “Artists.” The number of guitars a guitarist owns is not a sign of whether they are an artist or and art collector.

How to Create Audio Products to Sell

When customers visits your site, the best audio should be played. Vocals should be clear and full, music should be balanced and optimized for comfortable listening. There is 4 steps in the recording process, record,edit, mix and master.When recording, make sure audio does not clip, by following this simple technique, your digital recording will sound clear and more defined without distortion. If you make beats try not to record the the drums to loud, you are only in the recording process, save the loudness for the last step. If you record pod-casts, try not to record close to appliances or by a window, this can enter rumble or unwanted noise in your audio. Garbage signal in will produce a garbage signal out so watch the levels and try to record clean signal. Editing is the next step and a very important one! This is where you splice, trim, cut and clean audio tracks one by one. Depending on the level of tracks, this can be time consuming but will help produce a well recording track. Solo each track and listen for noise, maybe there’s unwanted breaths, pops, or hum that you can see via the wave form.

Is It Advisable to Get Into Guitar Building?

Guitar building may be the only solution for those who are routinely unsatisfied with commercially available guitars, as well as the options for customizing them. Doing so may be the only real way to design a guitar to one’s own specifications.

Tips for Craftsmen New to Acoustic Guitar Making

Acoustic guitar making is a complex task that can take years to master. Those who are just starting to learn how to craft their own acoustic guitars need to learn to curb their enthusiasm, follow instructions to the letter, be patient and not go for too much right away.

Punk Culture And New Punk Releases

Punk is defined as a loud, fast pace, and aggressive type of rock audio that is common in the 70’s and 80’s. New punk releases have great influence like their father, the punk rock. The art of music, attitude and trend that would evolve into ‘punk-rock’ originated with the garage rock bands of the 1960s. Velvet Underground and the Stooges would pave the way for the mohawked, pinned punks of the seventies, with their uncooked sound and obvious embrace of the anti-image.

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