Scorpions, Led Zeppelin, Bon Jovi, U2, Aerosmith – Best Slow Rock Rock Ballads 70′ 80′ 90′ Playlits

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What to Do Before You Record Your Song Demo

As a result of recording and producing literally hundreds of demos, I’ve learned that it is always better to “prepare and prevent” than to “repair and repent.” Here are a few steps you can take to help make your demo recording experience more successful.

Ain’t Got No Troubles – Amazon Best Seller

How does a song or an artist make it to be an Amazon Best Seller before the album is even released? Well I know if you have heard even a snippet of Eden Brent’s rendition of “Ain’t Got No Troubles”, you can easily understand why. If you hear the song without having seen Eden Brent, you just might be surprised.

Facebook Article and Mailing Lists – The Ultimate Music Strategy?

Anyone doing music knows it’s not as easy as it sounds. When you first start making music, you think you’ll just have to make a few good tunes and you’ll be at the top of the charts in no time. This however, isn’t the case. To succeed in the music industry, you not only need a high level of talent, you also need to have a working strategy and a plan to reach the top.

Britney Spears, Will She Be Back in the Limelight Again?

The star that proclaimed “I’m not that innocent” in one of her number one billboard toppers really went out of her way to prove this to the public. Sometimes, musicians will use their music as a form of therapy to say what they want and be whoever they want to be on stage and then come back down to earth after the show. Then again, there are those stars that need therapy because of their music.

How Does an Entertainment Agency Function?

Entertainment agencies keep a band organized and prepared. They maintain database/records of all deputisers, venues, contacts and artists. They not only build strong contacts, but also offer reliable and excellent source of entertainment. They ensure clear availability of all information and contracts before signing/sending them to all parties. They are great for weddings, birthdays and bachelor parties.

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