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Music Publicity Campaign – What to Expect From Your Music Publicist

An effective indie music publicity campaign can boost your music career and raise it to the next level if done properly. There are various elements to a publicity campaign and the different levels that you may engage a publicist can vary. This article provides a little insight into the various promotional initiatives, as to well as what to expect once you engage a music publicist.

Effective Music Videos for Any Budget

Music video production companies have had to lower their prices to be able to compete with the lower profit margins the music industry is now facing. But is that a bad thing? Well, people still need and want music videos, TV channels still play them and since the exponential growth in video streaming there is an even bigger audience for them.

The Mystical Magic Powers Of Lease Beats In Hip Hop

When it comes to selling rap and R&B music online, it can get tricky with all the different licenses and agreements you gotta get for the beats you use. You don’t know if you can sell it or if the producer strictly doesn’t allow it, it all can be confusing. I’m gonna reveal to you the magic of a new license that makes it super easy to sell your music online… BUT only if you keep reading.

Little Known Ways to Increase Profits for Touring Musicians

For many independent artists organizing do-it-yourself tours, a common question is, “how can we make more money on tour?” One of the simplest methods: by spending less. Here are some ways you can cut your expenses while on tour which leaves room for more profit.

How to Book Your First Gig

After you’ve spent months putting your set together, setting up your EPK or music page, and recording your demo… now what? Here’s a look into the fine art of setting up gigs…

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