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Buskers Do It! How About You?

If you are serious about you performing career, you can take the necessary steps to make sure it is a success. That’s exactly what singers/songwriters Coco and Lafe did when they took to the streets of Boston to begin their performing careers as buskers or street rescue beagle Lila and an excel spreadsheet, they headed out each day, testing street corners, squares, parks, markets, malls, and subway stops. At the end of each day, they entered extensive notes into their spreadsheet, tracking their income in tips, CDs sales in person and CD sales after the gig from…

No Guitar Effects Fix Bad Sound

Even the best signal processor can’t make up for a bad guitar sound. Too often engineers and producers tell worried guitar players, “We’ll fix it in the mix,” or, “I know it sounds a little funny now, but we’ll sprinkle some fairy dust on it and it’ll sound killer.

Superior Songwriting by Stuart Sinclair – Write Songs & Get Them Famous

Superior Songwriting is an awesome ebook that shows ground-floor singer/songwriters how to put their thoughts onto paper, and then the steps needed to market your songs into the limelight. Today I share my own thoughts about this must have guide…

How To Make My Own Rap Beats

So you’re interested in making your own beats and have been doing some searching around, you’ve probably even Googled “how to make my own rap beats”. All of this research that you’ve done has lead to a few major problems…

About Custom Beats

Requesting a custom beat is the ultimate collaboration with a producer. Having a producer to make beats according to your preferences gives you the opportunity to create your own style or if you already have your own style this type of collaboration helps you to exploit your style the way you want to.

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