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Secrets Of Music Contracts

It is important to note that apart from a few countries in the world, all forms of music business contracts can be negotiated. Never view contract as absolutes; they are simply a stated offer towards a formal relationship and more often than not reflect the needs of the party issuing the agreement. In other words, if a record company sends you a contract, it is more likely to meet all their considered needs rather than yours.

Party Like a Rock Star in a Safe Way

It’s fun to party like a rock star, but it’s even more fun to do it in a safe way. It may sound like the opposite of being a rock star, placing the emphasis on safety, but it’s one of the best ways to ensure that you can party like a rock star for years to come.   Rock stars are known for their excessive lifestyle – long hours of drinking, drugs and taking risks.

Beat Maker That Makes Beats in Minutes

How much does a beat maker or music producer earn? Anything from millions to nothing. Being a successful producer you will live a life full of excitement, you will be working with interesting people and celebrities and your whole lifestyle will change.

Could You Handle Being A Famous Hip Hop Beat Maker?

If you were to become a famous hip hop beat maker could you handle the fame, fortune and lifestyle that comes with it? OK, so you’d be the proud owner of 3 mansions, 10 Italian sports cars and have gorgeous women at your beck and call every minute of the day, but is this lifestyle all it’s cracked up to be?

Tips For Finding A Producer Manager or Management Team – Entry 1

It’s no secret that every up & coming producer around the globe is probably looking for an established industry manager. As a producer, I’m sure most of you really just want to sit back and make the music and let someone else deal with contracts, negotiations and all that other business that comes into play when it’s time to sell beats or even songs. So, welcome to our Tip Series on Finding A Producer Manager or Management Team. We’ve been working with producers since 2002 so trust and believe we have some opinions as it relates to this matter. In addition, we will feature some tips from other qualified industry professionals who can provide insight as well.

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