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Get Rap Beats And Make Money

If you are interested in putting together an album or demo, you can search for websites to buy soundclick beats online. There are thousands of online stores to get your rap beats from.

Cruise Ship Drummer

People pay large sums to enjoy a cruise and the entertainment is one of the big pulls. As a result, musical standards are high requiring a thorough audition to pass. These are often conducted via a phone and camcorder with musical files emailed to the interviewee one hour before the audition. You will be required to read a variety of styles along with a backing track and metronome.

Where Has The Music Gone?

I have seen the music industry from artists, to recording studios, to producers go through many changes in the twenty years I have been in the music industry. So what do you do? Change? Adapt? Or stare yourself down in the mirror wondering where you will go or how you will survive the ever depreciating music world?

Building a Strong Network to Promote Your Band

Promoting your band in a structured way begins by building a strong, relevant network of contacts. This article describes how to acquire, organize and maintain your network of contacts. Use the practical tips and tools described to start building and utilizing your promotional network today.

Home Theater System – Best Customized Mode of Entertainment

Until recently the best way to watch movie was to visit a nearby movie theater. As watching movies on big screen gives an ultimate experience and one gets too engrossed into it which makes you feel part of the show. Watching movie in cinema, especially in multiplexes with big audio system gives a rocking sound with awesome experience.

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