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The Hottest Record Retailers in America

There really isn’t anything such as walking down the aisles of your favourite record store, discovering new artists or finding the latest release of your favorite band. While the corporate world has been taking over by large scale retailers such as Target and Wal-Mart, there are still a handful of great record retailers all over the country where you can spend a rainy afternoon and blow-off your last paycheck.

America’s Famous Music Clubs and Venues

The United States is a goldmine for musicians; music clubs & venues are located all across the country, in every major city and in every small suburb. With such a wide choice of venues to showcase your original material, it can be daunting the find the perfect club or room to bring your band and woo the audience. The following venues are some of the most respected and well-known of music venues in the country and showcase a broad range of styles of every musician to have his/her place.

The EMI Group, Leading International Record Label

The EMI Music Group certainly is the number 1 international record label in today’s music industry. While its headquarters are located in London, United Kingdom, unlike other major labels, its presence has dominated the American market while reaching artists and audience in many countries of the world. EMI has a reputation of representing top-notch artists and musical acts as well as discovering the newest hot stars of the business and has certainly established itself as being a leader on an international level.

A Breakdown of Online Music Distribution Companies

Music distribution companies are everywhere these days, with the increasing popularity of online CD distribution. Whether you have a 3 song LP or looking to release a full album, you can now do so in the comfort of your own living room with online music distribution. The advantage of using this type of distribution as opposed to the traditional store release is that you will certainly reach a wider audience; internet users from all around the world will be able to download a digital copy of your own album and your distribution package will not run the same fee as it would with a store release.

Getting to Know the Major US Record Labels

The music industry can sometimes seem daunting and overwhelming, especially when dealing with corporate entities such as record companies and labels. The article will help you demystify the difference between all 4 major US record labels and understand what they are all about. While there seems to be an incredible amount of music management agency, press relation agents and indie labels, those 4 labels are world renowned and have proven to help musicians obtain the career they want and be successful in the business.

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