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What Should Recording, Mixing and Mastering Cost for Music Artists?

Many people think that recording mixing and mastering studios cost an arm and a leg. Does it really have to cost you tens of thousands of dollars to get a professional recorded song or album? With so much great technology, professional mixing and mastering services do not have to cost you as much as they once did. Read to learn more!

The Role of Gospel Music in the Black Community and the World

Traditional gospel music has been apart of our American culture for hundreds of years, dating back as early at the 18th century. Built around lyrics of praise and worship, the essential message of gospel music had a theme of thanks and praise to God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

3 Tips for Increasing the Popularity of an Up and Coming Band

With the explosion of new artists promoting themselves online, the music industry is more competitive than ever. However, new media technology also makes it easier to deliver content to the end-consumer. Let’s take a look at 3 crucial tips which can be used for increasing the popularity of an up and coming band.

Looking For The Perfect Beat (Rappers/Emcees)

Anyone looking to become a popular performing artist whether it be singer, or rapper needs to have good music period. Along with skills or a “look” that is commercial, good music or that one hit single will take you a long way. The entertainment business is all about staying power, that’s what you’re going to be remembered for and that’s going to capture the attention of the people.

Analogue Vs Digital Mixing

Analogue vs digital: it’s a long enduring debate in audio production circles. Analogue mixing has history on its side, hit after hit has been made using analogue equipment since the 1950s. However digital is here and it has improved significantly over the last 10 years; this article is about analogue mixing vs digital mixing; read on to find out more about the differences and a more recent, hybrid method.

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