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What Factors Could Affect Your First Album Sales?

To answer that question we have to consider two important factors; according to Billboard and RIA, of the 150k album released in the USA the top 10 sell over 2 million copies and the 1 – 120,000 only sell about 50 copies! Secondly, it is said that Michael Jackson’s Thriller cost about $1 million to record and has sold approximately 130million copies.

How To Be A Professional Singer

Want to be a professional singer? Here’s how.

Setting a Budget for Your Album Release Party

An album release party is not only a major undertaking that needs plenty of planning, it needs a budget. Some of the expenses can be enormous. Plan ahead by setting a budget so you know exactly how much it will cost!

Plan for a Successful Album Release Party: Developing a Time Line

A new album is a big accomplishment. It’s release is a big deal. So as you look forward to your album release party, make sure you put together a detailed plan that includes a timeline! There are numerous actions that are needed and each one of them can take a chunk of your time. So, plan ahead and your album release party will be a smashing success!

How To Survive the Voiceover Business and Get Along With Agents

The voiceover business has changed dramatically in the last few years. Much of the change is due to the Internet and social media. Through these technologies, it’s never been easier to self-promote, keep in contact, and manage one’s own business. Still though, there are many mistakes actors and actresses make that hold them back from success.

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