Scorpions, GNR , U2, Led Zeppelin, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith – Best Slow Rock Ballads Off All Time

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Got Elephants in Your Room? Clear Em Out!

You know your singer-songwriter friends who you love to pieces but have blinders on when it comes to their music? They have the talent, but there is something they don’t have just right yet. Maybe they are fooling themselves about how good they are, so they don’t work at it enough.

What Do Artist Managers Do?

Artist managers are interviewed on TV, mentioned in news articles, and generally seen out and about with their artists. But what exactly do they do and why are they so important?

Who Are The Best 5 Stratocaster Users Of All Time?

There have been countless superb Stratocaster players over the years but who would make your top five players? Here’s my go at that list.

DJ Mixes – Creating The Right Mix For Each Event

If you don’t create the right DJ Mixes for each event, you’ll be useless as a DJ. From millions and millions of songs to choose from, how do you know what songs to play at each event. How many times have you gone to a party and heard songs that just baffle you? Find out how NOT to be “That DJ”.

How to Be a Good Singer – Developing Good Singing Habits

Before the singers you know now became to what they are today, they had to go through intense practice to sharpen their singing skills to prepare them for the future they had ahead of them. In the process of their preparation, they developed important habits to aid them even when they have achieved the career that they desired.

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