Scorpions, GNR n, Bon Jovi, U2, Aerosmith — Best Slow Rock Love Songs Nonstop

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Elton John Concerts Return to Las Vegas

If you’ve ever wanted to hear Elton John in concert you will now have the chance to watch him perform at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. After a successful tour, and new album the popular singer has just agreed to spend some time performing in Sin City.

How To Improve Your Guitar Playing With And Without A Metronome

Do you think that using a metronome is important for improving your guitar playing? Here is how you should use the metronome in your guitar practicing in order to make faster progress as a musician.

Music Sampling – Laws and Regulations of Sampling Copyrighted Material

In regards to the music world, “sampling” refers to taking a clip of one sound recording and using it again within another piece of music. Though sampling has allowed for the creation of entire new genres of music and is quite commonplace in popular music, it carries with it a range of legal aspects that artists should be aware of.

Promotion Tips for DJs

There is a lot of competition in the DJ scene, so aspiring DJs need to work hard to stand out. Here are some promotion tips from a real DJ.

Classical Guitars For You

Whether you admit it or not, music is part of or our daily lives, weaving its loveliness and passion through our feelings, actions and memories. Being able to play a musical instrument, a classical guitar for one can be equally remarkable and rewarding experience. Thus, classical guitar is one of the most loved and well-known musical instruments which is often played in front of a crowd. It captivates the attention of the people and sensationalizes their senses with delight leaving a lasting effect of pleasure.

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