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Learn How to Get Fans for Your Music With 3 Easy Tactics

Most musicians have realized by now that having your own website is an important first step when it comes to learning how to get fans for your music. But it can be very frustrating if you spend a lot of time working on the site but still you don’t get enough hits to increase your fan base on a consistent level. There are a lot of different ways to get hits to a music blog, but the three suggestions below are tried and tested over the years and will bring you traffic forever once you set them up.

How to Make a Music Video for Total Newbies and Dummies

Before clicking the big red button on your camcorder and adjusting its lens, here are some tips for you to come up with a riveting and done-like-a-pro music video that will help you promote your music: Have the basic gadgets you’ll need to capture your musical moves. Of course, it’s common sense that you’ll need a camcorder but you should also try and get hold of a tripod, lighting equipment and props. Squeeze those creative juices out of your head After having determined the song you will make the video about, it’s time for…

Podcasting Secrets for Musicians – The 5 Minute Set Up Guide!

Music marketing comes in various forms and is no longer limited to gigs, albums and singles. With technology constantly evolving, music promotion has become more high tech than ever.

The 5 Hidden Secrets of Success in Music (and LIFE!)

So, you think you’ve got the talent and the good looks right? Well these two alone will not get you on the road to being a professional musician if you neglect the essential success factors below.

5 Reasons Why Your Music Blog Gets No Hits

If you talk to any music marketing guru at the moment they all seem to agree that blogging is now a very important step in your road to world domination. But I think there is a lot of confusion out there amongst musicians about why they should actually take the time to set up a blog in the first place.

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