Scorpions, Bon Jovi,Aerosmith, U2, Nirvana ? Now That’s What I Call Power Ballads

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Five Ways on How You Can Learn to Play Drums Like the Masters

Your success depends on the strength of your desire. “What your mind can conceive, you can achieve”. It may sound like cliche, but if you will relentlessly pursue your dream to become a good drummer, you can be. Learn to play drums as much as you can, and in every opportunity that comes your way.

How to Become a Successful DJ

Being a Disc Jockey or DJ is one of the coolest jobs one could have. Most of us are by nature music lovers and we always love to listen to our favorite music which sometimes depends on our mood. Now, if you can be a DJ then that would be so cool because you can share the music you play with all your listeners. For sure, many of sure have wondered how DJs work and if their job is really that easy. Some of you might have also aspired to become a DJ even before you graduated college. A study conducted in the US showed that being a DJ on the Top 10 cool jobs of 2010.

Music Producers: Maintaining a Quality Sound On a Fixed Budget

Finding high quality software to make beats with is a challenge at first. Now there are so many options that won’t break your pockets and still sound great.

Demand Grows for Music Artist Autographs

Over recent years live reality TV music shows such as the ‘X-Factor’, ‘American Idol’, ‘Pop Idol’ and other such entities have seen huge growth and rising popularity. The result of such shows has meant that becoming a music artist is a readily available opportunity. With the rise of such shows, the demand for music artist autographs has also soared, as popular music and up and coming music stars emerge in their hundreds in a bid for success.

Why Rent A Music Rehearsal Studio?

Music rehearsal studios are the ideal places for a band and other music artists to rehearse or practice. However, because setting up a music rehearsal studio requires a huge amount of money, many bands just opt for renting a music rehearsal room than have their own. Here are some of the reasons why renting a studio is an advantage.

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