Scorpions, Bon Jovi,Aerosmith, U2, Nirvana πŸ’— Now That’s What I Call Power Ballads

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What a Music Publisher Looks for in a Composition

This article will be particularly helpful to band and orchestra music composers who are interested in learning how to better organize and structure their compositions before submitting them to music publishers. These are merely guidelines and should not be considered rules. These tips should be especially helpful for those who compose for music education type settings ranging from middle school to college level band and orchestras. We hope this helps you!

Music Producers Play a Broad Role

Today’s music producers have come to play a broad role in the music production process, with many of them supervising the actual music recording session and even mixing and mastering their own productions. A music producer has the experience and background to make knowledgeable decisions that could make or break a musical career.

Starting a Hiphop Record Label versus Getting Signed

Thinking about starting your own Rap and Hiphop record label?

Celebrating The Men That Lead – How Music Industry Leaders Influence Social Change

Examples of leadership is usually associated with financial accomplishment. Ludacris, CoCo Brother, Canton Jones, and Lil iROCC prove that the measure of leader is weighed best by how much one serves.

Add Zing To Your Music At Recording Studios

Music, so vital for our entertainment, is no longer the same simple thing of the past. Modern recording studios add great depth to the quality of the voice and make even ordinary mortals sound like pros. Go ahead and get some of that magic working for you!

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