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Top Reasons Why One Should Buy Quality Beats Online

Buying beats online has been a growing trend in the music industry. Here are some of the reasons one should pay attention to this trend.

Is Classical Music Dead?

This article examines the state of the classical music industry in today’s challenging financial climate. Today’s musicians face unique challenges that can be met with entrepreneurship.

Buying Rap Beats Online

For many rappers, you’ve spent countless hours working at your lyrics, and at this point writing raps comes easily. Unfortunately you don’t have the proper beats to fit your style of music. In the past, if the rapper didn’t have a studio they would be out of luck and stuck rapping to industry instrumentals and going nowhere in their rap career.

A Guide to Selling More Albums – Why Professional Album Cover Design Is A Must

They always say never judge a book by its cover, and yet, that is still what most people do when it comes down to buying a book or a music CD. Face it, the reality is your album will be next to hundreds of other albums in the store, so the album’s design and packaging needs to stand out, draw attention and help sell your album.Your Album cover has to reflect the professionalism of your music so that your music can be heard and your album can make more sales.

Becoming a Hip Hop Star: Using Online Video to Market Your Music

The rise of the hip hop culture through recent decades has made a significant impact in America that eventually expanded throughout the rest of the world. In recent years this rise coincided with the growth of the internet, in particular the easier access to videos via YouTube and social media. This has changed how aspiring hip hop artists are now able to create and market their music in ways they could not have in previous generations…

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