Scorpions, Bon Jovi, U2, Nirvana, GNR – Best Slow Rock Music Of 80s and 90s Collection

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Music Promotion – Top 3 Most Marketed Female Singers in the Industry

Music is one of the most competitive sectors of today’s economy. Millions of dollars are made and spent on musicians and bands and the market continues to grow every year. There’s no doubt that a natural ability to sing is critical in becoming a musician, but is it the most important factor in your success? The answer is no. Find out why…

3 Surefire Promotion Tips When Starting a Record Label

While many may know how to put together a slamming album, most don’t know how to be innovative in getting the word out to potential fans and customers. For those artists who truly have fantastic music that the world needs to hear, I’ll provide you with some details on how to promote your product.

2 Secrets Used by Pop Stars, Songwriters and Music Producers to Make Hit Music

Independent musicians the world over strive to make the elusive hit song and to become a big success. Many times independent musicians claim that there music is so much better than what is heard on the radio or what’s currently topping the charts. Though subjective in many cases this may be true.

World Instruments – Knowing How Various Instruments Create Sound and Produce Music

You will find different world instruments available all over the world. Each have its own distinctive sound and tune and each yield a very unique type of music. If you play certain world instruments, you must be a very talented person because rare do we find schools offering trainings to play these types of instruments.

Music Producer Pro – A Review

The Music Producer Pro is an online music production course, one that certainly sets the mark for the others to follow. This course makes it evident that there is a lot more to music production than just pushing a few dials on a machine. Production is never an easy thing and this course teaches us with all we need to know on production for a particular style of music. To know more about this product, read the reviews.

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