Scorpions, Bon Jovi, U2, Aerosmith, Nirvana | Best Slow Rock Ballds 70s 80s

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BMI Live – Get Paid for Performances

BMI Live is a new program for performing songwriters to get paid for their songs when they perform live. The process and details of the program are discussed along with a step-by-step method to submit your set lists when appropriate.

All Record Labels Should Try Low Cost Online Mastering – An Insight

All record labels should be open minded to trying lower cost mastering. As the music industry has reduced budgets there are new ways to enhance profitability without sacrificing quality. The advent of online mastering allows real savings to be made and when chosen with care and prudence quality control and optimiziation of the music can remain at a very high standard.

Recording Project Do’s and Don’ts – Part 2

When it comes to sound recordings, I’m often flabbergasted by how much money, time and effort many artists expend unnecessarily. How many songs you should record for a project and how much you should consider spending really depends on what your end objectives are for it. Believe it or not, for some purposes in this business your recording needn’t be done in a studio at all, and that can save you plenty.

DJ Newbie – Generate A List Of DJ Names To Choose From In 2 Simple Steps

Besides the selection of good music, solid DJ equipment including the mixing board or a laptop, the speakers, and the speaker stands, in order to land gigs as a DJ newbie, selecting a great DJ name is an important part of your branding. In this quick article we will go over a DJ names generator system consisting of 2 steps…

RnB Beats – The Truth About How To Get a Record Deal!

To a lot of people trying to become a rapper or singer, getting a record deal with a major label is the ultimate goal. In this R&B Beats and Instrumentals support article I’ll give you truth about record deals in today’s music business and the best way to get one. This article is part of a series on how to become a successful Rapper or Singer.

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