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Tin Pan Alley – Home to New York’s Music Publishers

Tin Pan Alley was a phrase coined to describe the street in New York where musical producers established their offices in the late nineteenth Century.

Indie Music Industry – Know Your Local Scene

Here is probably the most important music industry tip you will ever receive: “Join up and subscribe to every indie music industry and DIY band promotion email list, newsletter and resource that you can get your hands on and read everything that you receive”. I mean it when I say that too much information is much better than not enough, if what you have joined up or subscribed to is not giving you the information that you need then you can just opt out and un-subscribe.

Indie Music Industry – It’s All About Community

It’s a known fact that having a sense of community in our lives is very important but it’s even more important for indie artists and bands. Swimming upstream can be very tiring and we need all the support and encouragement we can get.

Indie Music Industry – The Power of Networking

“It’s not what you know it’s who you know!” I know that we’ve all heard that saying thousands of times but at the end of the day (in dealing with the indie music industry) it all comes down to who you know doesn’t it? I would even go as far as saying that your circle of contacts is like bank currency. It’s your own little asset.

Indie Music Industry – It’s All in the Planning

You know what they say “a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step”. It is a well worn cliche but it’s so true. You want to do something with your talent and you want to do it without the help of the ‘majors’ but you have to start from somewhere. It looks like you have some choices to make.

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