Scorpions, Bon Jovi, Nirvana , Led Zeppelin, U2, Aerosmith Style – Best Slow Rock Ballads 80’s 90’s

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Learn How to Manage Your Own Musical Career With a Degree in Music Business Management

Students who are interested in learning the ins and outs of the music industry can achieve their goal by enrolling in a hands-on Music Business Management course. Under the tutelage of successful industry veterans, you can gain practical knowledge of the skills you need to make it big in the music scene.

JBL Studio Monitors – 65 Years of Innovation in Audio

JBL is one of the oldest loudspeaker manufacturers in the universe, having been reproducing quality music for nearly 65 years. Since being founded by James B. Lansing (J.B.L) in 1946, JBL has been a pioneer in sound reproduction ever since.

Time, And How to Take Control of it For Musicians

How many times per day do we hear the phrase “I just don’t have the time?” How many times per day are you the one saying it? Time, why do successful people always seem to get things done, while everyone else wonders how they do it? The answer is really very simple.

Time and How to Take Control of It – Pt II (Let’s Get Focused)

This series was written for musicians because I have worked with so many that simply could not manage anything. They could never get to practice on time, they were late for gigs and the excuse was always “I did not have enough time to complete what I was doing”.

Tupac Changes – Selected by the Vatican As Part of Its Playlist

Tupac Changes by Tupac Shakur was number one on Billboard, nominated in the best rap solo performance category and and selected by the Vatican as part of its play list. Tupac Changes is the way many people will remember Tupac Shakur, the man, the legend.

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