Scorpions, Bon Jovi, Nirvana , Aerosmith, U2, Led Zeppelin – Now That’s What I Call Power Ballads

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Pro Advice On Getting to The Top Using The Best Hip Hop Beats

Advice on using best hip hop beats for making your mark in music business. No matter if you are using the best beats on the market, there are a few things that you must do in order to create fresh sounding instrumentals that can help get your songs heard by someone who can help you.

My Best Advice to a Young Musician Trying To Get Their First Hit – Sure, I’ll Tackle That Question

Not long ago, I met an acquaintance at the local coffee shop, he was an artist, specifically he was a musician with an incredible voice, a small band, and specialized in playing the guitar. He had been working for many of the local businesses in the area getting gigs to play in coffee shops and a wedding here and there, but he was also working on his own music, and a few songs he’d come up with. They were decent, he played one for me, and it was quite good.

How To Make It As A DIY Band In 5 Steps

So you’re a DIY Band, and looking to make it into the big time? Or maybe you just want to be able to support yourself as a musician. Read on to learn my top 5 steps to making this dream a reality.

Beats For Rappers: Why You Don’t Need to Spend a Fortune to Sound Professional

Gain knowledge of pro beats for rappers techniques to define your sound. By observing the habits of the professionals in the world of hip-hop, you’ll discover that beats for rappers are nothing magical or mysterious. Instead, they come from the deliberate application of the principles that will help you learn what you need to do to make records that sound as clean and professional as the stuff that’s making millions for other artists.

How to Use Commercial Beats for Added Commercial Appeal: Three Simple Tools

Easy to follow tips with commercial beats that can help you on your path to mastering the music universe. Knowing how to use commercial beats boosts your value as a contemporary artist and gives you a significant edge on the competition.

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