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Country Music News Livens Up With New Album Releases

While country music album releases didn’t exactly go into full blown hibernation during the Winter of 2011, the airwaves did seem to suffer a cold weather slow down when it came to introducing new songs. Many people who keep up with country music…

Country Singers Score Pop Hits

Country music has always been the quintessentially American genre of music. While pop and rap depict aspirational lifestyles that listeners can only imagine living themselves, country music is about real people and real ways of life. It is only…

Beginners Guide For New DJ’s

So what is all needed to start up? Well, first you need to know what type of DJ you are looking to be. There are options like Vinyl DJs, CD DJs, and Digital DJs.

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 – A Musical Extravaganza

Almost a decade ago, Native Instruments launched Traktor which revolutionized the world of DJing as this was the first true and professional DJ software. Now, history is being repeated again with Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4, a unique DJ performance system from the same brains behind Traktor. Till now, you would have to think of DJ controllers and software separately when it comes to professional systems.

I Want a Record Deal – Why?

Record Deals from the big boys. Everybody wants one but does every one need one? For some, it would be yes and for others, the answer is no.

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