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How Can a Band Get Signed to a Record Label?

It has to be one of the most commonly asked questions and myths amongst the music industry hasn’t it? Yet the answer is so simple but easier said than done. Essentially you just have to be a good investment.

What’s the Future of the Music Industry?

The music industry has undergone significant changes in the last twenty years. Even today it feels like a digital Wild West, where the plains are open to anyone with a horse and a six-shooter. This is not far from truth. In the years ahead, there are likely to be more changes that significantly impact the way we listen to, purchase, make, and distribute. All of these things are positives to the consumer and to the artist if viewed in the right light:

The Music Industry – Spinning a New Business Model

The Internet has impacted all of the arts, but no sector has been hit quite as hard as the music industry. The industry is in such a free fall that advertising avenues are filling the shoes that music labels once did. It has become more of a do- it-yourself world. Those artists who embrace change will still find ways to succeed, make an impact and build lasting careers.

Cutting Out the Middle Man – Be Your Own Music Publisher

Most performers are more than happy to hand off the business end of music to someone else. But the more you hand off, the less money you stand to make and the less control over your work you are likely to have. One way to retain revenue and increase control is to cut out the middle man and become your own music producer.

How to Produce Music With Music Maker Software

Producing your own music is difficult few years back. But now, you can start creating your own beats in just few mouse clicks. You don’t ever need to buy costly musical instruments to produce your own sounds.

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