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Why Are There So Few Female Studio Recording Engineers?

As a female studio recording engineer and a electronic music maker, I am often asked why there are so few women working in the field of studio engineering. This can be both interesting and tiresome as it is a question that demands to be explored but it is also sometimes a bit too much responsibility to be expected to be able to answer for the gross under representation of my gender behind the glass.

Alice in Chains: The Story of One of the Pillars of Grunge and Alternative Rock (Part 2)

After the worldwide recognition and commercial success of the band’s two albums, Alice in Chains decided to have a world tour in 1993. After the said tour, the band headed to the studio and recorded the ‘Jar of Flies’ EP, which was only recorded in a span of one week.

How To Sell Hip Hop Beats

A lot of people are now looking for some hip hop beats online. They have gained popularity because the Internet has provided a resource where new and upcoming artists can simply look for some beats that they can use with their music. Also, brand managers as well as TV show and film producers are also looking for some hip hop beats they can use. This is the reason why you can now sell your beats online.

Sell Your Beats For Quick Cash

Do you need some quick cash but you do not know how to write or do any Internet marketing-related task? Are you in love with music and love listening to it? Have you ever wanted to produce your own music? If you answered ‘yes’ to all three questions, then you may have the potential to sell some beats for quick cash.

The Right Way to Sell Beats Online

Are you looking for some extra income and like to make instrumentals as a hobby? Why not sell your beats online and make more money. Nowadays, new artists and record label holders usually go online in search for some new beats they can buy. You can tap into this market and sell beats to them. The reason a lot of people are drawn to this money-making venture is because it is enjoyable. You get to make money and enjoy what you are doing at the same time.

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