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Make Money With Your Music

For rappers and singers how to make money long term is always a concern. Because there are so many music enthusiasts turned “Artist”, be it singer or rapper and the internet making distribution of music easier, you have to know what you’re doing if you want to earn from your music.

Your First Home Recording Studio

Developments in modern music technology have made it possible for virtually anyone to build a home sound studio. As with any major project, however, before a person begins one must give thought to several considerations. As most people would suspect, soundproofing is one such factor. One must also consider the amount of money he or she can comfortably spend. By organizing the steps in advance and properly outlining a budget, it’s not as difficult as a one may think to build a home recording studio and to begin independent production of professional quality audio.

Why Most Artists Fall Short

If you’re making music you should have a few basic things in place relating to your online presence. A profile on the popular social and indie websites along with at least 3-4 songs for people to listen to, pictures of you or your group (2-3 if possible) a bio and some YouTube videos.

Advertise Your Music: How to Promote Your Music in 5 Steps

Many musicians have a hard time trying to advertise music. How to promote your music so that you get recognized and eventually paid for doing what you love is simple. Get a band manager and they will do it all for you. Alternatively if you are going to try it alone here are 5 key steps to take.

Artist Managers: What an Artist Manager Does for Your Band

Many bands and artists feel that they do not need an Artist Manager. Artist Managers can be a valuable resource whom have the experience and relationships necessary to get fast immediate results. With their knowhow of the music industry they can navigate you or your band past obstacles and towards success.

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