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Producing Better Vocal Recordings In Your Home Studio

Producing polished and professional mixes – requires vocal recordings that sparkle and standout. Recording vocal performances that shine can make or break the success of a song. In this article you will learn some great tips for how to use the basic tools of the home recording studio to produce better vocal recordings.

Vacuum Tube Amplifiers – Costly But True Value for Your Money

This tube amp basically operates on vacuum tube or valves. Audiophiles usually desire these tubes as tube amplifier is considered ideal for home listening as it produces natural and smooth sound.

Les Paul – The Guitar and His Musical Instrument

Almost all modern musicians today, especially those who have been in the rock and folk genre, have heard the name Les Paul. Born in Waukesha, Wisconsin on June 19, 1915, Lester William Polsfuss (his birth name) exhibited a profound interest in music, even at an early age. At age eight, he learned how to play the harmonica, as he was inspired by hearing from an unnamed Waukesha ditch-digger playing the instrument.

How To Make More Music Contacts

There’s a lot of truth to the saying “it’s all about who you know”. Having contacts within your perspective industry can really be the difference between success and failure. However, most musicians that I speak with in regards to their contacts, either don’t have enough or have none at all.

What We Are Doing – Female Music Producers and Recording Engineers

As a female music producer and recording engineer happily working in audio engineering, I feel it of interest to note that latest statistics estimate only around or less than 5 percent of recording engineers are female. So whilst I know this gross under representation needs to be discussed, it is also important to me that we acknowledge and increase the visibility of women who are working away in this sector.

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