Scorpions, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, U2, Nirvana – Best Slow Rock 80’s 90’s Collections

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Tips How Unsigned Artists Can Promote Music Online Free

Unsigned artists can make use of the internet to promote music free and get massive exposure. If you’ve heard about the site called YouTube, you can upload your videos there or to any other video sharing sites and find ways to attract people to visit your channel. This can be done in a few ways.

Home Security Systems: Perfect for Musicians

Many musicians live lifestyles such that their homes are very insecure. Between tours and practices, musicians are often away enough of the time when thieves may strike. Furthermore, musicians gigs and practices are often during the night time when statistically more burglaries happen. In order to be able to have a successful career, and enjoy your time making music, it is highly recommendable for the musicians out there to make a modest investment in a home security system.

Keeping The Music Rolling Over The Holidays

2011 is closing in on us fast. In less than two weeks, we will all be scrambling to get started on our New Years resolutions and trying to say good bye to the past year as we welcome in the new one. During this last two weeks of 2010, it’s a good time to get our game plan in action.

Music Studio Equipment – What Is The Minimum Needed?

What do you need to set up a music recording studio in your home? Though you probably need more than if you only record voice overs, you’ll be surprised at how little you actually need apart from a computer and the instruments most musicians already possess.

Singing Soprano For A Living

Where tenor is a term used for high pitched male singing, singing soprano is a female dominated style and is considered the highest range in music. No wonder opera singers can break glass!

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