Scorpions, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, U2, Nirvana – Best Slow Rock 80’s 90’s Collections

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How To Invest In The Music Business

Until recently it was virtually impossible for the average investor to know how to invest in the part of the music business that was actually making money. Record companies and music publishers were impenetrable. The only way to score in the music business was to invest in a brand new artist from your home town, obviously, it’s much better to invest in lotto tickets.

Tips For Making Your Own Music Video

When a band is trying to make a name for itself, the album is obviously the first thing they set out to accomplish. However, once the fans are bopping their heads to its tunes, the next step is to put a face with the wonderful music.

PC Recording Software – The Two Types Needed For Home Audio Recording

Though there are many types of PC recording software, and a lot of overlap between their functions, there really are only two types: programs for recording and mixing, and programs for editing. This article explains the primary difference between the two functions and offers a few examples of products to get the job(s) done.

Mixtapes Are Hurting Hip Hop!

I like mixtapes and I understand their purpose. But there are too many damn artists focusing on making mixtapes!

How To Become A Superstar DJ

Anyone who has ever gone to a great club or even a really fun wedding has thought about how much fun it would be to become a DJ. It may seem like all they have to do is stand behind a booth and play great music, but there is actually more to it than that.

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