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How to Promote Your Music on the Internet

When I first got into the music industry, I had no idea how to promote my music. Over the years I learned what it takes and i want to teach you.

Where to Get Beats / Instrumentals

Nowadays a lot of artists are starting new projects like Mixtapes/Albums hoping to get the notoriety that they need. And what’s the very 1’st thing you need even before an artwork for your project, or even LYRICS… that’s right: You Need Beats! Find out where to get them from and why from these places.

How to Make a Living in the Music Industry

Can a living really be made out of the music industry? Find out here.

Can You Really Make a Living Out of Music?

If you are putting on your own event you will inevitably come across deciding how best to promote it. This article will help you come to some decisions.

Consider These Factors Before Buying a MIDI Keyboard

If you’re an avid musician, whether professional or an amateur, having a MIDI keyboard is the way to go. With it you are able to create music that in the old days would require a good number of musicians, time and money in order to achieve the same results.

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