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Mariachi Guitars Represent a Growing Market in the Music Industry

The Mariachi folk tradition has become emblematic of Mexican pride and Mexican nationalism by incorporating regional song forms from all parts of Mexico. Although not much new Mariachi music is composed today, Mariachi groups are frequently hired to perform at social events in Mexican and Mexican-American communities. A rapid increase in the Mexican-American population, combined with new exposure in popular media, should increase awareness of Mariachi in the U.S. and lead to increased popularity for Mariachi– and for Mariachi guitars.

Learn What the Record Label 360 Deal is All About.

Record Labels make artist sign 360 deals now. Read this article to find out what Record Label 360 deals are all about.

Rise Above the Competition in the Music Licensing Industry

Getting your songs licensed is, often times, the result of getting your song to the right person, at the right time. Music publishers and libraries make it their jobs to find out about different projects that are happening and deliver the appropriate styles of music for the appropriate project.

Home Music Studio Basics

Creating a home music studio can feel like an overwhelming task, here we will go over and discuss the main principles that even professional recording studios use so you can apply them in your own home music studio. The key will be to create a cost effective approach that will give you the results you want to achieve. If you understand the key principles that make a home music studio you will have a good foundation on which you can expand and grow upon.

Pro Tools Optimization Guide For Audio Mixing and Mastering

In this optimization guide we will focus on optimizing for mixing and mastering, so sit back, relax and learn! Optimizing for Mixing and Mastering: If you recall in my previous article, the H/W buffer settings and everything under the “Settings” frame in your Pro Tools “Playback Engine” options, you remember that you wanted the lowest possible size for recording, now can you guess what you want for mixing and mastering? Did you guess high?

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