Scorpions, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Nirvana, U2, GNR – Best Slow Rock Remix 80’s 90’s ?

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UMG – Share Your Music, Lose Your House!

What if you bought a digital download song, shared it with your friend and got sued for your house and anything else you owned? Think it couldn’t happen to you? Guess again…

Explode Your Music Marketing Power and Your Band Income With Email Marketing

You’re a band and you’ve heard of email marketing but you’re not sure how to put it to use in your music business and music marketing campaigns… The following article on band email marketing will have you on your way to increasing your take home pay and provides some relevant answers to these questions and more.

Things to Consider Before Recording an Album

The ability to groove together in Time even if the song has deliberate changes in tempo or feel. If it doesn’t have these tempo changes, it needs to stay true to the song’s original tempo determined by vocal/ instrument phrasing and the basic Energy needs that suit a particular song. Determining tempo is one of the first things i do during a pre-production session with new clients.

Knowing Where to Start Dance Music Production

Article discusses where to start if you are new to music production. Detailing the software and experience that is needed and where to get MIDI samples from.

Unmasking A New Villain In The Fight Against Piracy In Nigeria

To almost everybody in the music industry, entertainment writers and even the government, music piracy seems to start and end with the marketers who replicate people’s songs without paying any royalties to the musicians. Nothing can be further from the truth!. As an ardent follower of the industry and a stakeholder who has invested millions in the careers of many artistes in the last 2 years, I am of the opinion that we have all allowed ourselves to feed into the red herring and misdirection on piracy that are probably borne out of ignorance, fear or plain deceit by our leaders in this fight. As we can all testify to, radio stations are a very big part of our entertainment and music life in Nigeria. With over 200 radio stations blasting music 24-hours a day, I continue to be perplexed that we are worrying about royalties from Alaba when the real money should be chased at the radio and television stations.

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