Scorpions, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Nirvana, U2, GNR- Best Slow Rock Ballads 80’s 90’s

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How To Get Better Lyrics

Whether you’re an advanced artist, or just starting out in the game, the one thing that all rappers and singers need is… LYRICS! If you’re a more advanced artist, this is sure to help further you in your journey to the top. However, if you’re a beginner, this guide will catapult you to the next level in virtually NO TIME! You can pick and choose which methods to try freely, but for the ABSOLUTE BEST results follow this guide EXACTLY!

Choosing Your Team Carefully

When you are growing as an artist you need to choose your team carefully. If you have one weak link it could be the difference between making it and NOT making.

How to Choose a Music Maker Download

Today there’s a wide assortment of music composing software available that allows you to combine your own beats, instrumentals and voices on your computer. Amateur musicians and producers now have capabilities undreamed of just a few years ago.

All You Need to Know About Licensing Music for Film Projects

Thinking about licensing music for your film project? Here are important things to consider about music for film.

More Than Just A Singer

In today’s market, an artist/band is more than someone who just gets on the stage to sing or play a few numbers; you need to connect. The idea of social media should inform us of the desire for fans to get involved in the artist’s life and to have a contribution to it.

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