Scorpions, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Nirvana , U2- Best Slow Rock Ballads 80’s 90’s

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How To Talk To Your Bank Manager About Your Music Business

Many musicians/artist/bands/labels try to impress their bank manager with their music. This is like needing well manicured nails and going to your dentist instead of a beautician. Let me shock you by saying that in reality most banks and financial institutions are not interested in your beats, your production, your lyrics or the complete recording.

Music Conferences and Showcases – Knowing the Difference

For all newbies in the music industry, there are certainly many confusing terms, such as conferences and showcases. While it may sound obvious at first, most people don’t understand what these events really are about. The music business is full of promotional events tailored to network and get to know the industry’s big shots and high-profile individuals; conferences and showcases are two types of promotional events and, while both offer the same end results – exposure and marketing opportunities – both are different and apply to different people.

How Can Tour Managers Help You?

Tour managers usually work in association with booking agents to book the dates of a tour; booking agents are very resourceful and can sometimes pull off gigs and venues that would otherwise be impossible. The booking agent himself will work with concert promoters to obtain the best gigs for your band. These managers basically supervise the operations, making sure that everything about the tour is set and secure and will provide you with the success you are hoping for. Booking a tour is, as you can see, a complicated venture but is made entirely possible with the help of knowledgeable individuals such as tour managers and booking agents.

Music Producers List – What Are Some Of Them?

For anyone looking to make it big in the music business, having a good knowledge of the hottest music producers of the industry is a must. There are many producers out there and unfortunately, many individuals are also trying to improve themselves music producers; by understanding how these successful producers became what they are now, you will understand what to look for when seeking out a producer for your demo or album.

Piano Hits And The Piano Players Who Made Them

Over the past fifty years, some of the top songs have been sung and performed on the piano. There has always been something special about a singer who tickled the ivories, and there have been great piano hits across many genres.

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