Scorpions, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, U2 – The Greatest Slow Rock Of All Time

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Rappers, STOP Trying To Get Someone To Do It For You!

Today is a new age. If you’re trying to be successful today using the paradigms of yesterday, you will NOT be successful as a rapper.

Rappers, Learn The Difference Between Hot Music Vs Show-Off Music

Learn the Difference between Hot music and Show-off music. And how to be more congruent to yourself.

Rappers, The Secret to Making It Big As A Hip Hop Artist

Friend: so you’ve chosen to be in the music industry. Do you know what you have gotten yourself into? Hopefully so, because if you don’t…

Tips to Get You Invited to the Rock Concert After Party

The most fun to be had at a rock concert is at the party that comes after the concert. Learn how to get invited to these special occasions.

Breaking Into the MC/DJ Business

Becoming an MC/DJ in this modern day and age is not an easy task especially if your equipment is not up to standard (or non-existent). There are some important aspects of the MC/DJ business one has to understand before venturing further.

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