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Music Career Stages

Who will determine the trajectory of your career? The Gatekeepers, or you?

Everyone Wants Your Money

Watching popular talent shows reinforces the belief that we all can “make it” in the music industry. But remember to protect your wallet as you strive to realize your dreams.

QR Codes for Musicians

QR Codes, or “Quick Response Codes” are a modern promotional technique like no other, allowing us to put a barcode on anything we please for people to scan and find with their mobile devices and smart-phones. What’s more, it really isn’t a difficult thing to implement, which is one of the reasons musicians should be using QR codes to their full potential.

Ways of Impressing the Judges on Acting and Singing Auditions

It always feels good when you come from the acting and singing auditions and you are sure that you have impressed the judges. There are some steps which you can follow that will leave the judges astound by your performance. You need to ensure that you carefully follow these steps to give an outstanding performance.

The First and Last Idol – Siobhan Magnus’

“Moonbaby” gave me more reasons to respect Siobhan Magnus. Her trademark vocal talent and ability is just a bonus. It’s just the first dot that you’ll notice in the middle of a clean white paper. What makes the album a stand out is the artist’s desire to express her thoughts about her values, beliefs, the society and human condition. Subtlety, she’s teaching her listeners and draws them to want to become better people. For this reason, she has become the first and last idol.

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