Scorpions, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, U2, Nirvana – Best Slow Rock Ballads 80’s 90’s

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Boutique Amp Maker Alexander Dumble

Dumble amplifiers are the Holy Grail for guitarists seeking the ultimate in guitar tone. The sheer scarcity of Dumble amplifiers in existence, jealously guarded by the privileged few who own them, only adds to their overall mystique.

What Makes a Good Studio Recording Engineer?

There are many studios and many sound engineers near you or online and sometimes it is hard to know what it means to do this job – that can encompass a lot of different tasks – well. Here are a few tips and reflections from my varied career as a studio recording engineer and studio producer.

The Turtles Profound and Witty Professor Mark Volman Lectures Me

THE TURTLES featuring Flo (Short for “The Phlorescent Leech” and who is really Mark Volman) and Eddie (Who is really Turtles frontman Howard Kaylan) are headlining the Happy Together Tour 2011. Remarkably, the tour recently celebrated its 25th anniversary and still remains one of the highest grossing tours. The Turtles were one of the most unprecedented bands of the swinging psychedelic sixties.

Download Rap Beats – How To Make Sure You Get Your Beats

A big question a lot of first time beat buyers ask is after I buy the beat, how will I actually get the beat? How do I know the producer will actually send the beat to me?

An In Depth Look At The Neumann 103 Microphone

Excellence and internationally accepted quality always top the major consideration in any procurement plan. Surely, the Neumann 103 has not been well publicized because of aggressive marketing, it has satisfied its worth for an award and a Neumann logo. To begin with, it was made to handle different conditions of application.

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