Scorpions, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, U2, Nirvana – Best Slow Rock Ballads 80’s 90’s

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Coachella Music Festival 2012 – A Double Week Whammy

Ten years ago I bet you would have never known where Coachella Valley is, but now it’s been put on the map by the enormous success of the Coachella Music Festival. The last few years it has sold out early, and each year it sells out quicker than ever before. This year they sold tickets a year in advance and they sold out in under two weeks.

Want to Record Better Music – Wear a Magnet On Your Head

The other day, I was talking to a musician down at the local Starbucks, and he said that he had signed with a “B” rated music label, and he would be producing his first CD and he would go into the recording studio within a few weeks. I asked if he was nervous, and he said a little bit, but he was using a trick that he learned from a friend of his. Apparently there have been research studies from major neurologists at a top university that when the skull is in a magnetic fields the blood in the brain…

Why Hip Hop Is Beautiful In 2011

2011 has proved, yet again, that Hip Hop will be here to stay for some more years to come. We can not help but notice the overwhelming trends that are developing today’s rap music marketplace, which continues to captivate the youth of America.

Movie Theme Song Magic Can Make Millions

If you are a musician, and you really want to make money, then there are ways to do it which will boost your career and your bank account. Of course, if you just like the idea of being a rockstar, or getting in front of a bunch of people who are screaming your name, then perhaps the advice in this article won’t be for you. You see, some of the best money to be made in the music industry is by creating movie theme songs, as the royalties are great, and the initial money being paid is as well.

What Type of Music Do the Most Intelligent People Enjoy? Why It Matters for Musicians

It has often been said that the most intelligent people like certain types of music. Indeed, I guess if I asked you, and you were to take an educated guess, you might say that classical music such as Mozart, or Beethoven would be amongst the type of music enjoyed by the top tier of human IQ. Yes, I think this is the general perception, and I believe it to be correct, although I am not certain for sure.

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