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How to Produce Music – Drum Kit Panning

Making a programmed drum kit sound like a real drum kit can be a little bit of a chore but not once you put a little bit of common sense into play and start to exercise your music mixing techniques you will catch on pretty quickly. I am going to be giving out some music mixing tips and recording tips that will improve all of your recording and mixing a lot and get you on your way to learning how to produce music and how to make things in your song sound like you want them to.

Music Mixing Techniques to Teach Yourself How to Produce Music

Music mixing techniques are a very tricky thing when you do not know how to produce music. I have been mixing music myself now for around five years and I have found that you learn new music mixing tips every day and it is important for anyone from any genre of music to know and try some new, simple, easy practises to improve what you are mixing and also to inspire yourself to think of new way to produce music.

Start Independent Record Label – 5 Tips on Promoting Your Independent Record Labels

When you start an independent label you have to have places that people can go to see what you’re doing. Learning to properly promote your music label is one of the major keys to success.

Starting a Record Label – A Proper Foundation Will Explode Your Record Label Profits!

There are a lot of things to consider when you start independent record label. You will be the driving force behind the business and your actions will be the cause of its flourishing or its death. You should thoroughly research what this business will require from you before you start an independent record label.

Selling Your CD’s in Bulk

As an Indie musician, are you selling your CD’s one at a time? Do you have some of your old CD’s that you haven’t sold yet and they are just sitting there taking up space?

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