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Dr Drum Review And The Beat Goes On

People create beats that their happy with, but the process can be discouraging, the extended time periods in the studio using a mixtures of complicated software and hardware just for a beat that is effective and has a smooth grove. If you been searching for that better music producer then there’s a program that might help save a lot of head scratching and ensure you keep money in your bank account. This article is about a music production software bundle which can help you to produce excellent beats without costing you an arm and a leg!

Tips for Artists: How to Build Your Fanbase Using Social Networks

Singing in front of an audience is part of the thorny road towards success, but having only 50 people listening to your songs, no matter how great they sound, will not bring you fame and fortune anytime soon. However, the technology advances can bring you much more tools to build a real fanbase, without having to worry where you are going to sing on a Saturday night.

Mixtape Covers

Being an incredible artist that makes the most amazing music ever heard is not enough for selling millions of copies. If you do not believe it, take a look at some mixtape covers for albums that never really sold that well.

TasteMakerX: A Virtual Stock Market for Your Favorite Band

How cool would it be to create a social-mobile music game that encourages music discovery and fan influence? Meet TasteMakerX, a San Francisco based start-up led by Co-Founder and CEO Marc Ruxin that has one of the most unique approaches to music discovery I have ever seen.

What Exactly Is Stock Music?

Production or stock music is the cheaper alternative to popular music for use in production, television, radio, and so on. It is cheaper, because there is no need to get permission to use a popular song or track. Music, video, radio program, and television show producers can make use of production compositions for scoring. This option is also ideal for those who want to add music or audio to their websites, marketing presentations, computer games, and multimedia displays.

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