Scorpions, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, U2, GNR – Best Slow Rock Ballads Of All Time

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Music in Film – The Top 3 Ways Music Publishers Can Increase Future Synchronization Revenue

The following is a quote that I personally heard from a highly regarded television Music Supervisor at the last conference I attended: “I have hired an intern just to empty my inbox once a day of MP3s sent to me, because they’re crashing my system.” That’s the reality music publishers are facing. There are major problems where the rubber meets the road in music licensing.

Song Copyright – What Is and Isn’t Protected

Copyright law has been in existence for many years to assist and safeguard creators of such things as artwork, literary works, photographs and songs. Being a songwriter you will need to know how music copyright law works and ways in which you are able to make use of it to safeguard your music. This article will let you know exactly what is and isn’t protected underneath music copyright law.

Alot of Producers Are Shady When It Comes to Free Beats

Don’t get caught up in the hype of the free downloads producers are giving out. Although there are still some honest producers out there who do give quality product for free, some producers are pulling the wool over our eyes. You see the posts every where for free beats. The question is, are they really free?

Buy Rap Beats – Are They Safe To Buy Online?

One of the top most serious questions when it comes down to buying beats for your album is if its safe to buy beats online? Is anyone safe buying online? Click the link above to find out the truth.

How to Get a Record Deal the Modern Way

In this day and age, as a struggling musician, singer or aspiring pop star, it can be extremely difficult to get your music noticed by the industry. When it comes to learning how to get a record deal, your choices are even more bleak. Long gone are the days when bands could expect to be picked up by the major players in the industry simply by playing in their local pubs or bars on a Saturday night. No longer can you record a demo or two, post them off in jiffy bags to several record labels and expect to get a telephone call a week later.

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