Scorpions, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, U2, GNR – Best Slow Rock Ballads Of All Time

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DJ Voice – No Such Thing

If someone tells you that you have a “DJ voice,” don’t necessarily take that as a compliment. It’s what DJ voices don’t have that makes them good.

Easy Things to Do That Will Help You Promote Your Band

If you are in a band, you probably want to promote your band and your music. Find out some very easy ways that you can be doing this on a regular basis.

Is Your Music Destined to Fail? Find Out Here

Now I know, that’s a strong question. Most musicians would like to think their music is the greatest thing ever and everyone will like them. And that may be true, but even so you may not have a successful career with your music. Why is that? Because the lack of the right mentality!

Should Music Labels Be Offering Retail As Part of the 360 Degree Deal? Part 2

In my previous article I asked whether Music Labels should be offering Retail as part of their 360 service offer to bands and managers. Of course it seems pretty clear to me that they should, this will not only increase margins but will also save manufacturing costs and of course attract new talent. The pressure to do so…

Promote a Band With This Killer Technique and See Big Results

Would you like to learn an amazing strategy to effectively promote a band? I will show you how a simple to use strategy will get you much more exposure when you promote a band using this method.

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